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Money in Your Pocket

The Power of Trust

There is not one law for the elite and another law for the 99%. You have access to the same resources that they do!  A recession is coming... put Money in Your Pocket by reducing your tax burden and exposure to lawsuits. 

The New House

What is a Trust?

A trust is a three party contract in which one can create a binding inviolate entity. The creator/grantor/settlor is able to specify the terms, provisions and who the other parties are.


Most CPA's, Accountants and Attorneys do not understand both Asset Protection AND Tax Planning.  Protect your Real Estate, Savings and Investments.  Protect your family's inheritance from probate, grow your assets with reduced Tax impact. Have Peace of Mind knowing you will not lose your assets due to divorce or other lawsuits. The Choice is Yours. 

Learn the Power of Trust

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